How to make a good impression in a virtual job interview

“Even better if you can explain that you’re willing first to seek answers…on your own before asking others,” he says. Including an example of a real project you’ve worked on remotely in the past (if remote interview meaning relevant) may also help to strengthen your answer. At DistantJob, we realized that seven days is the average amount of time for an employee to integrate and adapt to a company’s culture and workflow.

Lastly, have a general idea of what you’ll do if the remote job interview platform doesn’t connect or if there’s unexpected noise or other disturbances during your video interview. Use these interview questions to assess the skills and abilities of your remote candidates so you know you’re hiring the right person for every job. Looking ahead, 41 percent of 1,140 hiring leaders said they plan to use a combination of in-person and virtual interviews, according to a study commissioned by HireVue, a video interview and assessment provider. The research found that 23 percent of respondents plan to move solely to virtual interviewing. “Employers are going to be evaluating you based on your behavior,” Leech says. Do you answer challenging questions clearly and forthrightly, and disclose your flaws?

What to expect from a virtual interview

Whatever their answer is, this question will help you understand if they’re a forward thinker and how they might solve those remote work hurdles. Does the candidate enjoy working from home or do they prefer the background noise of a coffee shop? This is your chance to dig into where your potential teammate prefers to work, plus it lets you know if they’re already set up for a remote work company. On the day of your interview, you don’t want the technology that is allowing you the opportunity to work at a remote company to trip you up!

  • Set up personalized remote job search alerts and get noticed by recruiters searching for your skills.
  • Rather, it’s a poorly organized ‘meet and greet’ with potential candidates.

In the GitLab Unfiltered video above, two GitLab team members share their experiences on working in an all-remote setting, providing a glimpse at what’s possible when embracing this style of work. Below is an archive of past interview guests, answering the above questions and discussing remote work with GitLab team members. For many, it is assumed that culture is simply the aura, energy, or vibe one gets when walking into an office. It is dangerous to allow company culture to be dictated by such factors, as this will create an oscillating culture that changes depending on mood or socioeconomic conditions. Some prefer in-ear headphones rather than over-the-head headphones, and it’s important to consider long-term comfortability for those who may find themselves in video calls for multiple hours per day. A top with an interesting print might help to convey your creativity or dynamism.

Why did you choose this job?

Then a second video interview with the hiring manager to deep dive into experience and personality fit within the team. We conduct interviews for our remote jobs via phone, video, and in-person sessions. The variety of interview formats reveals our virtual culture to our candidates but also allows them to see a physical office location. During the remote hiring process, be specific about your goals and what you want from the role. Rather than pushing on working hours, ask your candidates their usual methodologies and tools.

what does remote interview mean

It’s therefore important to head confidently into an interview to show your worth and value. When you partner with DistantJob for your next hire, you get the highest quality developers who will deliver expert work on time. We headhunt developers globally; that means you can expect candidates within two weeks or less and at a great value. The interviewer has seen your resume, but now they want to know what sets you ahead of the pack.

What Is Your Approach to Maintaining Effective Communication and Collaboration With a Distributed Team?

You probably noticed that these are all soft skills, which means they aren’t as easy to quantify as, say, whether you know JavaScript or can manage a Twitter account. These questions are important to understand at which stage you’re at. Starting the hiring process in war times is damage as much as a bad hire — especially when people don’t understand each other.

Remote interviews have become the norm, even in situations where the job itself is on-site or hybrid. Many employers and hiring managers prefer to conduct first interviews virtually to save time and hassle. If you are applying for fully remote roles, you need to be able to communicate effectively during a remote interview to demonstrate that you can work effectively with your remote team members in the same context.

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